Wasting Time

I apologize for the lack of posts for the last month or so.  I don't know why I stopped writing.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I still haven't figured out why I completely stopped writing.  I haven't posted here, I haven't posted … [Read more...]

Day 215 | Losing Inches But Not Pounds

I have heard that the saying "muscle weighs more than fat" is really just an excuse.  I don't want to make excuses.  I am running farther than I have run in my life, and I am watching what I eat.  I am not currently drinking any alcohol.  And I … [Read more...]

Day 214 | Running Has Changed Me

I have been on a plateau for a really long time now.  I was depressed about it for a while and started to feel a bit hopeless.  But then I decided that there must be a way to bust through it.  I just needed to get refocused and not lose sight of … [Read more...]

Day 90 | Stuck in a Rut

I have been stuck at 183 pounds for several weeks.  It's getting a bit frustrating.  I wanted to be in the 170s by this point in my journey, and I'm not.  I'm not unhappy being 183 because it's still progress, and it is feeling good, but I want to … [Read more...]

Day 37 | Calorie Cycling to Break Weight Loss Plateau

Yesterday's experiment was to increase my calorie intake for one day to trick my body and get it out of starvation mode.  I've been trying to keep a large calorie deficit going every day, and I had hit a small plateau.    One thing I had read was … [Read more...]

Day 36 | Weight Loss Plateau Breaking Tips

I've been researching how to break out a the plateau I am stuck in.   I know it's probably not really a plateau until my weight doesn't change for a few weeks.  It's only been a few days, so I really should just be patient and stop my … [Read more...]

Day 35 | Plateaus Suck

I've been plateaued the last few days at 190 and it's really bumming me out.  I am doing everything I'm supposed to do.  I am eating right and I am exercising.  I think it may be as simple as I am retaining fluid and I'm not really stuck.  But … [Read more...]