Day 169 | Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes life gets in the way.  My plans for this year included lots of time to go for long runs, and lots of free mental space to focus on what I was eating.  And for more than 4 months, that is exactly how it went.  I focused on what I was … [Read more...]

Day 42 | Fridays are Rest Days

I don't have much to write about but I feel like I should write something so I stay in the habit of writing.  I worked out hard Monday - Thursday, and I'll be working out again tomorrow and Sunday.  So today is a rest day. I had a moment of pure … [Read more...]

Day 7 | On the Seventh Day She Rested

After taking two high intensity classes this week, I took the day off from working out.  It was not a hard decision, as most of my muscles are still sore from Monday's high intensity circuit training class, and will probably peak in soreness … [Read more...]