10 Mile Slog (slow jog)

Even though my last double digit mileage run was January 30th, and my longest run since then was 6 miles, I set out today to run 10. The reason I did something this foolish is that I signed up for the Race the Runways Half Marathon which is in … [Read more...]

10 Mile Race…Canceled

On my list of races I intended to run, the first race, a 10 miler, was scheduled for February 6th. There was too much snow piled up on the side of the road that weekend so they canceled the race that day and postponed it to tomorrow, February … [Read more...]

10 Mile Do-Over

Yesterday, I set out to run my long run of the week. It was about 23 degrees out and cloudy. I wanted to get in 10 miles, and I wanted to pace them at 12 minutes each. My speed really suffers during the final third of my long runs and I want to … [Read more...]

A Fasting 10 Miler

I set out today, mid-day in an attempt to run 10 miles. It was a glorious winter day, about 35 degrees out and the wind was pretty mild. I decided to do this one as a fasting run since I am running to lose weight. I learned about fasting runs from … [Read more...]

10 Miles in the Wind

I set out for my long run today around noon.  My training plan said I was supposed to run 8 miles, but on the drive to Portland, I kept forgetting that and thinking that I was supposed to run 10 miles.  So thanks to my Garmin 305, I kept going and … [Read more...]

Day 234 | My Adventurous Weekend

Our boat

My weekend was, for me in my own little way, an extreme sports weekend.  I ran 10 miles on Friday afternoon.  This was the first time I had ever done a double digit run and it was really exciting for me.  I ran a beautiful route along the water, … [Read more...]