Day 116 | New Shoes Bad Knees

I finally got to the running store today to get new shoes. I went to a running specialty store which guarantees the fit of the shoes. It was a neat process. First they watch you walk so they can see if you turn your feet out or in. Then you get … [Read more...]

Day 104 | I Need New Running Shoes

Lately my knees have been hurting.  I have never had knee issues before and I'm not doing anything different or unusual.  We do lots of squats in my circuit training class, but I am super careful to keep my knees behind my ankles so not to injure … [Read more...]

Day 48 | Heart Rate Monitors

I've been at this now for nearly 7 weeks and I've lost 10 pounds (as of today).  I'm at a certain point in my lunar cycle where I'm retaining a bit o' water, if you know what I mean.   So calling it a 10 pound loss is conservative.  It's probably … [Read more...]

Day 37 | Calorie Cycling to Break Weight Loss Plateau

Yesterday's experiment was to increase my calorie intake for one day to trick my body and get it out of starvation mode.  I've been trying to keep a large calorie deficit going every day, and I had hit a small plateau.    One thing I had read was … [Read more...]