Assessing the Damage of Time Off

I'm trying really hard to not beat myself up for taking time off from running and eating mindfully in order to focus on a few short term/high stress projects in my life. Between May 1 and July 15 of this year we renovated our kitchen, staged and … [Read more...]

Our New Life is Just Ahead

A month has gone by since my last post. That is inexcusable. Now I will proceed to make excuses...or at least try to explain. Until today, I hadn't run in a month. It's hard to write about running when you're not actually running. The last … [Read more...]

Wasting Time

I apologize for the lack of posts for the last month or so.  I don't know why I stopped writing.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I still haven't figured out why I completely stopped writing.  I haven't posted here, I haven't posted … [Read more...]

11 Miles Inspired By Greatness

I set out on Sunday to run 11 miles, which was what my half marathon training plan was telling me to do.  The weather, 45 degrees and sunny, was pretty good for this time of year, especially considering it snowed Saturday morning. I decided to … [Read more...]

Day 352 | Writers Block and Running Block

A couple of weeks ago, I told my friends and family on facebook about this website.  Up until that point, I had been writing this rather anonymously and really didn't want anyone I knew to read it (except my husband).    But I made up my … [Read more...]

Day 309 | Deciding to Run

I have a choice to make.  I can either run 13.1 miles on Sunday or I can not.   I'm signed up to run the women-only Maine Coast Half Marathon (aka another Pikermi) with my sister-in-law. I haven't trained for this one.   My longest run since … [Read more...]

Day 285 | I’ve Run 250 Miles!

Wow, I looked at my site today and realized that I crossed the 250 mile mark.  As of yesterday's run, I have run 252 miles so far this year. I've never hit that running milestone before, nor did I ever think I would. That is farther than the … [Read more...]

Day 276 | Maine Marathon Relay

So I did get talked into running a leg of the Maine Marathon today. I didn't want to run today because I was in a wedding yesterday. It was quite the party. There was lots of eating, drinking and dancing involved. I only thought about having to … [Read more...]

Day 261 | Achieving the Goal

Finish Line

Today was the day. The half-marathon. I set this goal at the beginning of the year. I had no idea when I set that goal that I was going to have any other obstacles in my way other than have to train my body to be able to run 13.1 miles. What I … [Read more...]