Day 300 | Awake and Alive and 6 Pounds Heavier

I had the D&C surgery yesterday.   It was basically a vacuum procedure, there was no cutting involved.    It all went very well.   The staff was very nice and I felt confident in my doctor's ability and the anesthesiologist's as well.  I … [Read more...]

Day 298 | Surgery Tomorrow, Running Again by the Weekend?

How long would you put up with unpredictable, extreme, embarrassing bleeding episodes?   Turns out my limit is 7 weeks. Tomorrow I am going in for a D&C.    If you don't know what that is (I didn't), here is the Wikipedia … [Read more...]

Day 295 | Still unable to run

I haven't been able to run since Columbus Day.  4 times in the last 11 days I have had severe bleeding episodes.  Tonight was the worst one so far.  I called my doctor and he suggested that if the bleeding didn't stop soon, that I should consider … [Read more...]

Day 286 | Temporarily Grounded

My doctor has ordered me to "take it easy" due to my excessive bleeding. Crap. I really wanted to do 25 miles this week.  I had it all planned out. Monday:  6 miles (done!) Tuesday:  quick 5K at lunch (nope...) Wednesday:  GRUNT … [Read more...]

Day 284 | Running, Skating, and Calling My Doctor

I had decided after the relay last week that I would take a week off from running. I had been going full speed for the last few months both in my personal and professional lives and I thought a break would do me some good. However, I couldn't … [Read more...]

Day 280 | HCG Levels Are Going Down

My doctor called me today. I noticed right away that his voice had a more upbeat tone, so I was happy to get the call. He said my HCG level is finally heading down. It's at 10,700 which is the first time it has been lower since this whole thing … [Read more...]

Day 273 | HCG Keeps on Rising

Quick post today. I'm in a wedding this weekend so my time is not my own right now. I did get a call from my doctor this evening and my HCG level went up again this week. Not by a lot, but it is up to 12,900. My doctor gave me all the options … [Read more...]

Day 267 | Hormone Count, Running and Public Humiliation

Hazy Day

It's been a hella day. Around mid-day I got a call from my doctor. When he calls me instead of the nurse, I can assume it's not good news. I had my blood tested again two days ago, and the results came back. My HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) … [Read more...]

Day 261 | Achieving the Goal

Finish Line

Today was the day. The half-marathon. I set this goal at the beginning of the year. I had no idea when I set that goal that I was going to have any other obstacles in my way other than have to train my body to be able to run 13.1 miles. What I … [Read more...]

Day 260 | Disturbing News the Day Before the Race

A few minutes after I arrived at work this morning, I got a phone call from my doctors office. I had taken a follow up blood test on Wednesday and told them not to expedite the results (because I have to pay for the extra costs) since I knew what … [Read more...]