3 Miles on Matinicus Island

We went on vacation last week to the beautiful island of Matinicus. We had friends of ours from Chicago come and stay with us. A wonderful couple with children about the same ages as ours. It was a week of beach days and relaxed meals.

I love to travel and once of my favorite things to do when going to a new place is to run.  However, Matinicus is no longer new to me, so I found my motivation a bit lacking!

I stayed active every day walking around the island, but I only ran once while I was out there. My friend agreed to slow down her regular pace and run with me. We ran down from the house to the other side of the island, across a deserted sandy beach, and then ended the run very near the bakery. We ran at my pace which must have been excruciatingly slow for my friend (she’s such a good sport) but at least we were able to talk. It probably felt like a fast walk for her!

I don’t have any pictures from the run, but here’s one of the beach when we went back later that day.  The fog that day did not stop our little beachcombers from finding new treasures!

Now I’m back, well rested, and have to train quickly for a half-marathon in mid-September.  I plan to run 10 miles tomorrow afternoon on a hilly course.   I hope I won’t have to walk much, if at all!

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