Slippery 7 Miles

I made sure to get out and run today because the forecast is not looking good for the next several days. Starting on Monday we're supposed to have temperatures as low as -15 degrees. We had a lot of snow this week, including yesterday so I wasn't … [Read more...]

A Fasting 10 Miler

I set out today, mid-day in an attempt to run 10 miles. It was a glorious winter day, about 35 degrees out and the wind was pretty mild. I decided to do this one as a fasting run since I am running to lose weight. I learned about fasting runs from … [Read more...]

Day 214 | Running Has Changed Me

I have been on a plateau for a really long time now.  I was depressed about it for a while and started to feel a bit hopeless.  But then I decided that there must be a way to bust through it.  I just needed to get refocused and not lose sight of … [Read more...]

Day 68 | Running Outside

Today I got out at lunch time and ran a 5K. I did it in less than 40 minutes, so it was easy to do on my lunch hour. It was a beautiful day, and I passed a tall ship on the way. There is just something so empowering about running at lunch time. … [Read more...]

Day 16 | Incline Training

Today I did some hill work.  I slowed down to practically a walk on some of the biggest hills but I kept going.  Incline training is hard.  I've heard that for every one percent of increase in incline you expend 4 percent more energy.  Energy = … [Read more...]