Day 67 | Back in Gym Class

On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to an exercise class after work. It is a killer interval/circuit training class. We do calestenics, weights, lots of running, squats, abs, the works. And there's no stopping to rest. And it goes the full hour. … [Read more...]

Day 11 | Circuit Training is hard

I went back to that really challenging Circuit Training class again today.  Wow is that a difficult hour.   And it's not 45 minutes of workout and 15 minutes of cool down.  It's 60 minutes of workout and 5 minutes of cool down.  We always go … [Read more...]

Day 4 | Hitting the Gym

I went to the gym after work with the intent to run on the treadmill.  I forgot that the first week of January brings gyms that are twice as crowded as usual due to those pesky New Years Resolutions.  I couldn't get a treadmill.  I couldn't get an … [Read more...]