Day 360 | Running Outside in Winter

It was in the low 20’s today, with a wind chill that made it feel about 16 degrees F.  According to the media, there is supposed to be a blizzard tomorrow so I really wanted to get a run in today.

I dressed in layers, I wore long underwear and a long sleeve wicking shirt.  Over that  I wore my awesome Nike Fit Dry hoodie and long fleece lined pants.  I had the hood up on that shirt.  I also wore wool socks, gloves and a headband that covered my ears.

Surprisingly, I was not cold.  Once I got going, about a half mile in, I really warmed up nicely.  I was sweating a bit, but was not too warm.  I really felt good.  I ran a 5k around my neighborhood and saw two other runners out as well.  Nothing like the threat of a blizzard to get people motivated to get a run in.

The sidewalks and roads were dry with only the occasional icy patch that I could easily avoid.  I haven’t run with spikes on my shoes but my husband has a pair that strap on which I may try one day if needed.

I had been contemplating registering for the mid-winter 10 miler in Cape Elizabeth in February but have been concerned about the cold.  After today’s run, I think I will be alright in the cold and will most likely sign up for this race.    I plan to write out my goals in the next day or two including all the races I plan to run.

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