11 Miles Before the Storm

We're getting a hurricane (Irene) on Sunday so I knew if I wanted to run long this weekend if was going to have to be on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny day; about 80 degrees with a bit of humidity and stickiness in the air. I … [Read more...]

3 Miles on Matinicus Island

We went on vacation last week to the beautiful island of Matinicus. We had friends of ours from Chicago come and stay with us. A wonderful couple with children about the same ages as ours. It was a week of beach days and relaxed meals. I love to … [Read more...]

Assessing the Damage of Time Off

I'm trying really hard to not beat myself up for taking time off from running and eating mindfully in order to focus on a few short term/high stress projects in my life. Between May 1 and July 15 of this year we renovated our kitchen, staged and … [Read more...]

Friday Long Run – 8 miles

It was an overcast 72 degrees today so the runner in me said "perfect, I'm gonna run long". My employer encourages half days on Fridays in the summer so I changed my clothes and headed out for a run right from the office around 12:30. I headed up … [Read more...]

3 in a Row

I feel like I'm now officially back in the swing of things. I ran 7 miles on Sunday. Yesterday (Monday), I went to a Boot Camp class at my local YMCA. And today, I ran 3 miles at lunch time. It wasn't a pretty run. It wasn't quick. I didn't … [Read more...]

A Post About Running

We moved two weeks ago and have finally (mostly) unpacked. This week New England had a pretty crazy streak of hot days so I delayed my triumphant return to running for a few days longer than I would have liked. The heat finally broke a bit today … [Read more...]

Small victory

I went for a quick run after work. I didn't want too much time to go by since my crappy run on Saturday. I wanted to get that good feeling back. I did a 5k around Back Cove. It was such a beautiful night, I couldn't resist. It was about 50 … [Read more...]

Hilly, windy, crappy training run

I drove up to Freeport yesterday to run this route again.   I need to get some hill work in before my next half marathon on May 1st and Freeport has plenty of hills. It was overcast and about 45 degrees, which was fine. What wasn't fine was the … [Read more...]

11 Miles Inspired By Greatness

I set out on Sunday to run 11 miles, which was what my half marathon training plan was telling me to do.  The weather, 45 degrees and sunny, was pretty good for this time of year, especially considering it snowed Saturday morning. I decided to … [Read more...]

10 Mile Slog (slow jog)

Even though my last double digit mileage run was January 30th, and my longest run since then was 6 miles, I set out today to run 10. The reason I did something this foolish is that I signed up for the Race the Runways Half Marathon which is in … [Read more...]